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You can add a free odds comparison solution to your website!

  1. Better sports betting tools

    Give your users better betting tools and sports content, for free! Give them more reasons to stay on your website, click on your tracking links and generate profits for you!

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  2. Next generation sports betting

    More than just odds comparison: news highlights, odds history graphs, stats and scores, etc.

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  3. Best sports coverage in the whole world

    Extensive coverage: 150+ bookmakers, 30+ sports, 100+ betting types!

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  4. Customize any aspect of your content

    Fully customized: colors, size, bookmakers, markets, odds format, languages, even css file on request.

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Content within iFrames

BetBrain delivers – absolutely FREE – a full range of odds comparison services integrated into your own website.

a) Why add an odds comparison portal solution to your website?

  • With a content solution from BetBrain, you both improve loyalty from existing users and attract new ones by offering premium quality content
  • There is no payment to BetBrain for this service, so there's no risk for you. Instead, you get valuable content that can boost your advertising and affiliate revenues from sportsbetting partners
  • It is very easy to integrate it using iFrame html tags. It basically takes just a copy-paste of a piece of code into your page and then you're good to go. The portal solution will be hosted and maintained on our servers – so there's no effort involved on your side!

b) Why choose BetBrain's services?

  • We are a highly respected odds comparison website delivering quality services since 2000. Along the years this has been recognized several times by being offered the prestigious industry award for the best sportsbook affiliate for three years in a row!
  • We use the very same engine ourselves at, so we take great care of finely tuning the content mix in order to maximize the player happiness and, eventually, their retention.
  • We put a great deal of effort into the data collecting process in terms of both speed and accuracy. You can always test this in the live odds comparison, where you'll often find that we update the odds before the bookmakers do it on their own websites! Now try to see if other odds comparisons can do the same
  • We have a dedicated personnel working on the media partnerships, always giving you the best assistance in a timely manner. And it's not only about answering questions; they will actually do all the design and customization work for you, so that your portal solution will match your website's look and feel!
  • You get more than just an odds comparison. Among others, you get tables for upcoming matches, stats and scores, news highlights, and many more
  • The selection of data is one of the most comprehensive you can find on the market, with over 150 bookmakers, 30 sports and 100 betting types to choose from, and endless possibilities of customization (e.g. time zone, currency for exchange volumes, languages, exchange commission, content display, etc.). Should you prefer, we can even provide you with the css file of your portal solution, allowing you to go the extra mile in terms of graphic design.

c) How does it work?

  • All you have to do is to send us your specifications and we will take care of the rest. As soon as the portal solution is customized and ready to use, we will send you the iFrame code for implementation.
  • The business model relies on sharing the affiliate tracking links used within the portal solution on a 50/50 basis.

Finally, note that BetBrain's content can also be made available for other online platforms such as Mobile Internet and Interactive TV, as well as for what we call offline media, e.g. TV, Tele Text, newspapers, betting and sports journals/magazines, and more.

The common denominator for all our content solutions is that we create a win-win situation. Getting a content solution from BetBrain enhances a media's content offering, improves the user/reader/viewer experience, and subsequently secures additional revenue for the partner in terms of an increase in advertising volume and/or other income sources.

For examples of websites who have content solutions from BetBrain, please check:

For further information on how to get a content solution from BetBrain, please contact Media Sales.

XML feed

BetBrain provides you with one of the best odds feed data from around 150 bookmakers and thousands of betting markets - probably the best coverage you can find on the market!

Why choose our service?

  • Through our xml feed you have the opportunity to access all the data we collect and then manipulate it as you wish
  • You can fully customize it in terms of bookmakers, betting types, sports and even data delay
  • You can have access to odds for live markets as well as value added computations (SureBets and ValueBets)
  • Very well structured and easy to work with
  • Our dedicated personnel will offer you rich documentation and assistance for integration within your systems

Best of all: We can offer you a trial period, where you are given access to the data for free – for a limited amount of time – in order to see how it works and whether it suits your needs.

For further information on how to get an xml feed service from BetBrain, please contact Media Sales.